Picking a Realtor to represent you and sell your home

Selling your home is a major decision. Making sure you pick the right Realtor can be a challenging process too. Make sure you pick a Realtor who is full-time; picking a part-time agent who isn’t always available can cost you  money on best offers, not following up on inspections, appraisals, and loan approvals. An experienced and knowledgeable Realtor can also help you properly prepare your home for sale.

Pricing Your Home

Select a Realtor who knows your market and the comparable comps well enough to price your home properly.  Under-pricing or over-pricing, depending on the market you are selling in, can lose you money.  Make sure their price suggestion makes sense to you and makes sense in the debits and credits of appraising the home. Being unrealistic will only end up costing you money.  

Understanding the Community

Our experienced agents at Mount Diablo Realty & Property Management know the area: we live here and work here.  We understand our market, how to price our homes and how to follow our escrow to make the process less stressful for our clients and to maximize the dollar amount you receive.